Patient Portal Instructions

Step 1 - Logging into your video visit

  1. Open Google Chrome (Download chrome here)

  2. Open the URL link: Link at the bottom of the page.

Step 2 - Registering or guest login

  1. Click on the blue “Register” button or “Guest” button

    • “Register” allows you to create an account

    • “Guest” allows for 1x visit with some demographic info required (please skip to step 6)

Step 3 - Creating an Account

Enter your e-mail address under “User-ID”

  1. Create a password

    • Minimum of characters required

      • Must contain at last 6 Characters including Upper case, lower case and numbers

    • Minimum of one number required

    • Include at least one uppercase letter

  2. Click the blue “Register” button

Step 4 - Confirming your account

  1. You will have received a confirmation email in your inbox by now

  2. Click the URL link in the confirmation email

Step 5 - Once email is confirmed you can login and connect to your provider

Step 6 - Guest login (logging in as a guest will not save your preferences or login information)

  1. Press the Guest button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen